Open access

The Lens

An open database containing information about publications and patents.

The Lens features:

  • Search for scientific articles;
  • Comprehensive patent database functionality (144 million patents from 106 patent offices; grouping by different types of patent families; legal events related to the assignment of rights to INPADOC and USPTO for more than 92 million patents);
  • Tools for searching and analyzing biological sequences in patents;
  • PatCite – a tool for searching citations of scientific articles in patents;
  • Researcher profile (example);
  • Personal collections of articles or patents (can be static or updated, private or public) with new capabilities to search for intersections of collections;
  • Visual representations for a selection of articles (dashboards);
  • Export (up to 50,000 records in 1 upload in JSON, CSV formats);
  • Ability to save search queries;
  • Setting up alerts;
  • Annotating collections.