Predatory Journals: Review and Analysis

Dear readers,

We invite you to join the workshop from the leading publisher Springer Nature, and it covers one of the most critical issues in science — predatory journals. 

Predatory journalism took a place among the most serious and dangerous problems of the global scientific community. The increasing number of predatory schemes and their methods of operation is a new and unresolved challenge.

The webinar puts the aim to discuss and inform author, professors, and students  about this topic for further answering questions:

  • What are "predatory schemes", and why do they exist?
  • How to identify and avoid potential pitfalls?
  • What to do if you find yourself among their victims?

Speaker is Victor Kutsyi

You must register if you are willing to participate:
  • September 15, Wednesday, 12:00 PM (Tyumen, GMT+5), registration here
  • September 15, Wednesday, 17:00 PM (Tyumen, GMT+5), registration here

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