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How Do I Borrow Books From the Library?

To borrow books, don't hesitate to contact a Library staff member and bring your campus card (pass card).

In the Reading room, you can have free access to scientific, academic and fiction literature, magazines, dissertations, abstracts, and also work with electronic databases. 

Book Loan Period & Rules:
  • Academic books (1 semester); 
  • Scientific and Fiction literature (14 days);
  • High Demand Collection (3 days);
  • It's possible to prolong the borrowed book terms if there is no request from other users;
  • Users may have a maximum of ten books, except for academic literature;
  • It's prohibited to take home copies of the Library's unique collection;
  • The ordered through library account reserved editions are preserved for three days
  • Encyclopedias, directories, high-value and rare editions, dissertation abstracts, theses, and journals are only allowed in the Reading room;
  • UTMN faculty can take books for three days if there is no request from other users.