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Remote Access: Znanium, IPR Books, LAN', JSTOR

If you need to find literature for a seminar, prepare a report or just suddenly wanted to read textbooks (but not only, because you can also find books on art, popular psychology and business literature), we suggest you go to Znanium, IPR Books and LAN'.

Description to access these systems you will find on our website in the "Guides" section.

But if you wish to get something more substantial and scientific, it makes sense to turn to periodicals. Remote access is available there too. Let’s start with one wonderful resource. Almost the best on the world market — JSTOR: one of the largest archives of scientific periodicals, which stores folders of journals from the very beginning of their publication.

For many journals, that’s more than a hundred years. Suddenly you’re wondering what was written about economics in journals from 1923 or about space exploration in 1975? Although we are sure you have more practical questions which can be answered in JSTOR: today’s issues of the journals are listed here too, albeit with some delay (a year or two). But there are a lot of them! To read new or old articles, and also many different books, you have to go through the same simple steps you need to enter Russian digital libraries.